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Epoxy glass filament winding pipe

Product introduction: The winding tube (large diameter tube) produced by Promising Electric is divided into glass fiber tube and glass cloth tube according to the form of glass fiber. The resin compound is generally a high temperature resistant epoxy curing agent. When we communicate with customers in the early stage, we must first understand the purpose and working environment of the winding pipe used by the customer, and secondly, the customer proposes the basic performance indicators of the winding pipe required. According to the above two points, we will provide customers with several options.

1. According to the customer’s requirements for the mechanical properties of the winding pipe (tensile strength, bending strength, torsion strength, etc.), the auxiliary layer structure design is carried out with the overall force state of the product manufactured by the winding pipe. Use glass fiber or glass cloth as reinforcement material, or cross use, winding angle selection, etc. Ensure the reliability of the overall product.

2. The heat resistance grade of the resin curing agent used for the winding pipe is generally F or H. It is necessary to ensure that the winding pipe meets the injection process requirements when vulcanizing the silicone rubber.

3. The resin curing agent compound is vacuum degassed before use to ensure excellent electrical insulation performance.

4. Special materials are added to the resin curing agent compound, and the winding tube has high air tightness.

5. According to customer requirements, we can design and manufacture winding pipes of different specifications.


Product Usage:

1. Porcelain sleeve type zinc oxide arrester, composite jacket zinc oxide arrester with winding pipe.

2. SF6 high voltage switch, transformer composite hollow casing winding pipe.

3. Winding tube for transformer tap switch.

4. Winding pipe for arc extinguishing chamber of high voltage circuit breaker or current limiting fuse.

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