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Strengthen equipment management to help production safety



Do a good job in the maintenance of electrical equipment, tighten the string of safety

In daily work, it is necessary to continuously implement the basic principle of “safety first”, and achieve preventive effects from both equipment operation and maintenance ideas and actual operations. Regarding the daily operation of electrical equipment, the cycle, inspection content and sequence of daily inspections should be determined in advance. The daily maintenance of equipment should cover whether the equipment is overloaded, whether the short-circuit protection device is operating normally, and whether the insulation performance of the equipment is maintained well, etc. Operators of electrical equipment should clarify the operating conditions of the equipment at any time and place to ensure that they maintain good operating conditions at all times to prevent accidents. At the same time, production and business units must continuously improve electrical equipment operation and management specifications, maintenance and operation specifications, overhaul specifications and other related regulations, strictly follow the specifications to ensure professional and efficient work, effectively prevent electrical equipment safety failures, and eliminate safety hazards.

Do excellent safety education and training, always have a heart of safety

The occurrence of electrical equipment safety accidents is not all due to the lack of professional skills of the practitioners, but often due to the lack of awareness of the seriousness of the accident in the hearts of the relevant personnel and insufficient vigilance. “Safe production is more stringent than lenient.” Safety is achieved by people. If you want to grasp safety, you must first grasp the hearts of the people. All production and business units should also conduct system safety training for operators of first-line electrical equipment to establish the main awareness of safe production; at the same time, they should start with details such as “safe distance, electrical insulation, safe current carrying capacity, and hazard identification”, and strengthen the training for practitioners. The professional knowledge education enables them to obtain the corresponding safety operation knowledge, eliminate illegal operations, improve the overall safety quality of the practitioners, and at the same time correct their work attitudes, so that their work level and status meet the requirements of safe operation of electrical equipment, and prevent dangers Before it happens, it will truly realize personal safety and health work and sustainable development of the enterprise.

Realize corporate safety supervision and guard the door of safety

Safety supervisors should go to the site, timely and accurately grasp various unsafe conditions, and analyze in real time the safety weaknesses in the production and operation of the enterprise. For any unsafe incident, we must adhere to the principle of “Four Don’t Let Go”, so that the cause of the accident will not be let go, the responsibility of the accident will not be let go, the preventive measures will not be let go, and the employees will not be educated. Over. Continuously summarize and analyze the laws of safe production, find out the problems in the operation of equipment and personnel in the production process, and put forward improvement measures and suggestions to the enterprise, and supervise and implement them in place.

Therefore, only by fully laying the foundation of safety management for electrical equipment, continuously improving management techniques and management measures, and raising the awareness of the responsibility of relevant personnel, can we comprehensively prevent safety accidents and help enterprise safety in today’s increasingly common use of electrical equipment.