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What is carbon neutral:

Carbon neutrality refers to the calculation of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly or indirectly by enterprises, groups or individuals within a certain period of time, and through afforestation, energy saving and emission reduction, etc., to offset their own carbon dioxide emissions and achieve “zero carbon dioxide emissions” “.

my country has established a carbon neutral target:

CO2 emissions peak around 2030

Achieve carbon neutrality by 2060

In this regard, the realization of carbon neutrality requires additional investment of about 138 trillion yuan, and carbon neutrality will stimulate investment in green infrastructure of 70 trillion yuan. It is foreseeable that carbon neutrality will open up a market of around trillions.

The relationship between “carbon neutrality” and the power industry

In terms of different industries, the power industry has the largest carbon emissions, accounting for 41%; followed by construction and industry, accounting for 31%; and the transportation industry accounting for 28%.

The first measures to reduce carbon are to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the total energy consumption in the above-mentioned areas, especially to curb unreasonable demand.

Du Xiangwan, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, emphasized that digital technology, energy storage technology and peak shaving technology can turn non-fossil energy into a stable output high-quality power source, and will play an important role in realizing energy substitution and reducing the proportion of fossil energy.